Berlin Postage Stamp Consulting

Proprietor: J. Friederici, expert and surveyor




Postage Stamp Club Weltesche

Every Thursday, our postage stamp club "Weltesche" offers:

  • postage stamp exchange
  • free consulting
  • contacts with collectors
  • circular communication (about 500 members!)
  • material procurement
  • complete catalog furnishings
  • plenty of fun

When and Where?

We meet every Thursday from 6 p.m. at:

"CANOVA" Pub and more ..
Rubensstrasse 124/Canovastrasse
12157 Berlin

Come by if you have the time -- Guests are always welcome!


Due to the actual corona restrictions there are no meetings possible-
we all waiting for normal times to come ..

(Click here for Club-City-Map)